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Armands Murnieks

Armands Murnieks


Armands Murnieks, Born in Riga, Latvia, has been in the Multilevel Crowdinvesting since 2014. He started working when he was 7 years old by selling news papers, washing cars etc. He realized that most of his family members are not successful although they were trying their best. He saw them struggling, and at age of 15 he got involved in direct sales for the first time. In 2004 he has been hired as a Luggage porter in the hotel.

In 2013, Armands Murnieks suffered a spinal injury while working at the hotel. He realized that people are replaceable so he wanted to start something new, where the income depends from him and that should be something unique where no one can actually replace him.

His life drastically changed through network marketing which lead him to live the lifestyle he always dreamt of. Traveling around the world with his beloved wife whom he regards as the best Mentor of his life. He has been studying and being coached by many famous trainers around the world to become the better version of himself. He created a family in the multilevel crowdinvesting, within 6 years, he trained more than 600,000 people from 170 countries in his organization. He has the highest rank in his company and is a top check of the company, and is a 7 figure earner.

In 2019, Armands inducted in to the GoPro hall of Fame. (The Million Dollar Hall of Fame is a program founded by Network Marketing Pro, Inc. to recognize distributors who have not only achieved million-dollar income status in a calendar year, but who are also examples of unprecedented strength, courage, and leadership in the Network Marketing profession).

His vision on how to impact others life is by treating life as a game, to be fearless and push them to do something that they have never done before, to achieve the results they have never achieve before.


Investment Tools

I GIVE REAL INVESTMENT TOOLS that are available with small amounts from $100 up to million…

Financial Independence

I help people who are striving to become financially independent but feel intimidated and frustrated by the investing process.They either don’t know where to start or they haven’t been making any progress with their portfolios.


 I teach and engage with people on how to make more educated and ultimately more successful investing decisions so that they can achieve some level of financial security and achieve it with confidence.



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