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who is keen to share his expertise and help millions of people globally to become financially and investment literate.


First of all, I am an investor. That is, I am able to save and increase my money. With minimal investment, I manage to create decent capital. In My personal investment portfolio, there are more than 157 instruments from 10 segments of the investment market. My money is constantly working and bring passive income. Secondly, I am conducting a multi-level business of the new format (Multi-Level Crowd Investing) in 170 countries. Our team has over 215,000 business partners and but if you would like to have place where you will be guided by me and my leaders towards your success, then contact me and I will guide you through.


Investment Tools

I GIVE REAL INVESTMENT TOOLS that are available with small amounts from $100 up to million…

Financial Independence

I help people who are striving to become financially independent but feel intimidated and frustrated by the investing process.They either don’t know where to start or they haven’t been making any progress with their portfolios.


 I teach and engage with people on how to make more educated and ultimately more successful investing decisions so that they can achieve some level of financial security and achieve it with confidence.

Business Strategy

Investment advisors wants to sell you apple juice; whereas, investment coaching teaches, mentors and supports you to learn how to grow your own apple trees on your own, so that you can drink all the apple juice you want for the rest of your life.


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Financial education is one of the great bargains in life: it costs little, risks nothing, and returns huge rewards. It is the best investment you can make.

Satisfied Clients

Business partners



I give people the opportunity to learn how to invest. You will receive most of the materials without money. This is beneficial for us, because without millions of people, our plan cannot be realized.

I give real investment tools that are available with small amounts from $ 100. These are established enterprises and manufacturing companies that need financing at the initial stage of development. So each member of the New Economic Evolution of the Worls becomes a co-owner of the most promising companies necessary for the development of civilization.  We finance projects through a multi-level crowdfunding system. So every active business partner can make money without limits.

Coaching Events 

Armands motivational speeches and investment coaching help people, at any level, and from any background, make a real difference in their life.

Armands Murnieks is an expert with a keen insight into how to create, maintain, and grow your wealth.

Armands Murnieks is the best motivational speaker of 2018 according to the Melon Rich magazine and Finance Times business journal.


 Success Stories Of Real People, Real Testimonies.

A man ahead of his time and leading from the front a pleasure to be working with Armands.

Sabrina Martorano

Armands is a savvy businessman, happy to share knowledge about wealth creation and growing a huge organisations. I received so much valuable information from our sessions together, and some great hints and tips too. What was very evident is this, he cares for every individual, reminding me to make sure everyone in my business is welcomed and feels part of the family. Honored to be working alongside someone with such passion for others, and an ambassador for our Planet.

Rita Ashin

Armand inspired so many. Grateful to witness his fantastic transformation and we are learning from this young and charming man something special about the new generation and how to make dreams come true for everyone.

Ruta Dolbear

amazing man driven achieving in all he does great mentor

Arthur Fairfull


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